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A little bit of this and a little bit of that


Today was one of my many proud days at King Sooper, but I was especially proud because they had even better deals then advertised.
I decided to take advantage of the of the Mega savings buy 10, get $5 back instantly at the register.
On my list was:
10 silk almond milk (my husband drinks this like crazy!) Thankfully they had a lot in stock so I did not clear the shelf. I never do that because I hate when it happens to me!
10 almond milks which were advertised to be priced at $2.69, but when I got there were priced at $2.19! I got 50 cents off each one when I bought 10 plus I had a 6 $1 off coupons and then 2 $1.25/2 coupons.

3 Colgate toothpaste: they had multiple types on sale. The best deal was the triple action at $1.49. Take off 50 cents for buying more than 10 (so it becomes 99 cents) plus I had 3 $.75 off coupons which double up to a dollar making them free!

2 Old Spice deodorants: on sale for $1.69 take away the 50 cents for the mega savings promo plus I had a $2 off 2 any old spice products from a savings book, making each one 19 cents!

1 Sweet Baby Ray’s: Advertised $2.49 minus the 50 cents and my $1 off coupon…final cost .99!

I ended up paying roughly $14 for $38 worth of food/ products! It was fabulous…especially the almond milk because it’s usually so expensive

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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