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A Real Usable Spread!

Cissy Rickman Fleming

This was a successful Kroger trip with things that my family really needed this week! I paid $47 for all of this ($7 was in taxes). I used 32 coupons…the only thing pictured that I did not have a coupon for was the canned goods, and rice and beans (which were Manager’s Specials) and the milk! My trip included two whole chickens, two bottles of tresemme products, Buddreaux’s Butt Creame, 6 Pillsbury Egg Scramblers/Biscuits, two Pampers wipes refills, 4 kids GUM toothbrushes, three colgate brushes, two cans of Campbell’s vegetable soup, one gallon of whole milk, three tubs of Smart Balance butter, two Mott’s for Totts, two Ocean Spary blueberry drinks, one Kroger Ranch dressing(ecpn), threee Colgate TP, two Digorno pizzas(catalina), one Hefty slider bags, 6 boxes of Golden Grahm cereal bars, three Hallmark greeting cards(ecpn), two canned carrots, three cans or corn, a bag of rice, and a bag of beans!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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