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I don’t know about you guys, but every time I cross the thresh hold of the register I cringe. Not knowing what the cashier or the register have in store for me. This time, It was GREAT at Target and Walgreens…Walmart, not so much, But it worked out in the end. Here’s some thing’s I picked up all bought with coupons at different stores. Not to mention this 98 degree weather here in NC, is not helping out with all the shopping.

1-Food Saver $19.99
2-Glade Room Spray $.99
2-Zyrtec (5ct) $5.29
6-Reach Floss $.97
2-Aquafresh Extreme Tooth Paste $.97
2-Nuk Pacifiers $4.19

Coupons Used

1 TQ, Foodsaver $10.00 off
1 MQ, Foodsaver $10.00 off
2 TQ Glad Room Spray $1.00 off
2 MQ Aquafresh tooth paste $1.00 off
1 MQ Nuk BOGOF Feeding item.-Deducted $4.19
2 TQ Nuk 2 Pack pacifiers $1.00 off
2 MQ Zyrtec off ANY product $4.00 off

Total: $48.69 OOP: $4.77

2-U by Kotex Panty liners, 18 ct $1.24
1-Zone Protein bar $.98 cents
1-Camphophenique Lip gel $3.98
4-Powerade $.88 cents
1-Pretzel Crisps $1.98
1-Zyrtec (5ct) $5.27

Coupons Used
2 MQ U by Kotex (any product) $1.00 off
1 MQ Zyrtec off ANY product $4.00 off
1 MQ Camphpenique Lip Gel $1.00 off
2 MQ Powerade off 2 32oz or larger $1.00 off
1 MQ Pretzel Crisps 1.00 off
1 MQ Zone Protein bar FREE bar coupon (FB promotion)

TOTAL: $18.21 OOP: $7.21

16- Blue Diamond almonds BOGOF $ 3.79
4- U by Kotex Tampons $3.99
4-Carmel Candies $.39 (fillers)

Coupons used:
16-MQ Blue Diamond 6oz or larger $1.00 off
4- U by Kotex (any product) $1.00 off
1-RR from Walgreens for $3.00 (from last week)
3-RR from Walgreens for $3.99
TOTAL: $47.84 OOP:$16.87

It’s really LATE, and im adding up stuff, I might have gotten something wrong not really sure. I’m just so happy I found at least ONE food saver. I have been looking for these for weeks now. I will still keep my eye open for them.

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