Had a lot of ECB expiring this week, turned into a $6 moneymaker trip!!!

4 Colgate mouthwashes – $5.29 used 4 MQ $2/1 and 2 CVSQ $2/6, and 30% just for you

2 Crest mouthwashes – $4.99 used 2 MQ $2/1 and 1 CVSQ $2/$6

Schick razor – $10.99 used 1 MQ $3/1 and 30% just for you

3 Venus Swirl – $10.99 used 1 MQ $4/1 and 2 $3/1, CVSQ $3/$15, 30% just for you

Skintimate – $3.99 used 1 MQ buy razor get shaving cream free

3 Colgate toothpaste – $3.99, used 3 MQ $1/1, 1 CVSQ $2/2

Sally Hansen – $9.99, used 2 MQ $1/1, 30% just for you

Arnicare – $10.99 used 1 MQ $5/1, 30% just for you

Paid $5.09 OOP (should have been $0 but got the dreaded red screen with 2 coupons that were added to my card…from now on will be printing at the magic coupon machine rather than doing the digital coupon), used $43 ECB. Got $46 ECB, $5 Beauty Bucks, and $3 ibotta rebate.


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9 thoughts on “ADDICTED TO SAVING $$$ @ CVS”

Can you use the 30% JFY coupons on items that are BOGO Free?


Unfortunately no, BOGO are sales items.


But you can use 2 manufacturers coupons on a BOGO at CVS to further reduce the price of the paid item.


That’s correct. % off coupons cannot be used on sale items. However it can be used on regular priced items that trigger ECB. Some cashiers will tell you that all ECB offers are considered sales/promotions – it’s not true.


So what’s the rule for the 30% off just for you coupons? I read on the coupon that it can’t be used on items on sale or in any promotions so I didn’t use it thinking it wouldn’t work on the purchases I made last week. Please help!!!


That’s correct, % off coupons cannot be used on sales prices. However, it can be used on regular priced items that have an ECB offer. Some cashiers will tell you that anything that triggers ECB is considered a promotion/sale. It’s not true.


That’s really good to know. I totally wasted my coupon last week because I assumed it wouldn’t work! Thanks for clearing that up for me and great job!


Can you use the free skintimate and $3 coupon?


Yes, CVS will allow both.