Just started CVS couponing three weeks ago.

For this trip I had 10.75 ECB (5 from Nivea moneymaker, 5 from Listerine, and .75 from candy).

I bought the 3/$8 Kellogg’s and used a $1/off 3 manufacturer coupon.

The Yardley soaps were 4 for $3-used another $1 off coupon.

For the Dial soap, I had a buy 2 get one free coupon, plus a $2 off $6 of bar soap CVS coupon. They were also on sale for 2 for $6, so it was essentially 3 for $4.

At the end, I paid 2.29 and got the $3ECB Kellogg’s reward.


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One thought on “all this for 2.29 top and 3ECB back at CVS!”

not sure why the photo is flipped: it’s 22 bars of soap and 3 cereals.