3 transactions – 1 Purple razor $6.99, 2 blue $6.49, 6 shaving creams $3.49. Redeems 25,000 points, $5.25 OOP, 3 $10 register rewards.


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2 thoughts on “ALMOST FREE @ WAGS”

Hi i am new at this and i hope you dont mind me asking but did you do all these transactions on one balance rewards card or on diffrent cards i have 2 rewards cards and i already did 1 of these transactions on each and i was wondering if i could use my cards again and get the same offer TIA 🙂


There was no limit on this deal, so yoy would have been able to do it as many time as yoy wanted on a single card. I only have one card. If you do separate transactions for each register reward deal, it works fine.