Hey Pretty Mamas!!!

This week at Albertsons they are having a huge sale on Horizon products mac n cheese and Horizon milk!

I was so EXCITED about these two deals mostly this week but will post more deals later!

Horizon Milk (we chose chocolate milk)
Sale: Buy FOUR and their $0.25 ea.
In order for the coupons to work exactly you need to buy at least 12; we bought 48 of them!!
48 x $0.25= $12.00
-EIGHT Coupons: $1.00/6
-Total: $4.00 or .08 cents ea.


Horizon Mac N Cheese
Sale: Buy FOUR and their $0.50 ea.
This one you can buy just FOUR but we purchased 12
12 x $0.50= $6.00
-SIX Coupons: $1.10/2
You can print both coupons which helps double your printing!
=Total: $0.60 MONEY MAKER!! YES I SAID YOU MAKE $0.60 PROFIT!! SO be sure to grab a filler!!


Happy Shopping!!



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2 thoughts on “Amazing Albertson Deals on Horizon products!”

Oh I am so sorry!! I just checked Gardenia, CA and the weekly ad deals are different than me. I am in Montana, sorry. Maybe if you went to the store it would be the same, I am not sure. I did see an awesome deal on some things in Gardenia, CA too. That sucks I wish I could help!!


Wow! That’s awesome for Horizon milks! I don’t see this advertised in their weekly flier, is this regional? I’m in Cali. I’d love to go check it out!