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Awesome At Acme(Alberston’s)


I have to tell someone how well I did today at Acme or I am going to scream. For my first transaction, I bought 3 Belvita crackers for $2.99 each, one gallon of lactaid milk for $6.19, 6 packs of Gillette disposable razors, and 2 chicken fryers on sale for $.79/lb. I used 3 $.75 off 1 Belvita which doubled and earned me a free gallon of milk up to $4.79 and used my 3 coupons for free razors, making them all free and earning me $5 off my next shopping trip. I paid $14.05 but got back $5 for next shopping trip. For my second transaction, I bought 2 dozen eggs on sale for $.99 each, 6 packs of women’s disposable razors, and a bag of lemons. I used my 3 coupons for free razors and the $5 from the 1st transaction, paying only $.97 and earning another $5 on my next shopping trip.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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