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Awesome deal on Women’s Shelter Donations


So I recently donated a few other boxes of these as well. These are Ritz Crackerfulls Big Stuff crackers in peanut butter as well as cheese.

These are single packets there are 12 individually wrapped crackers in a box. So in other words each cardboard box contains 6 boxes of 12 crackers individually wrapped (72 crackers per large box), which is perfect for a shelter donation. Not only for the children but for the mothers, and the local men’s shelter who will probably benefit from these as well (our Women’s shelter separates the donations and divides them by which shelter needs what and when.) When I dropped off other items yesterday the shelter said they were completely full as far as people staying in the shelter so I went to the local store convenient store Plaid Pantry and asked if I could purchase a large amount. I had to wait a day to get the okay from corporate.

Here’s how it worked. Each separately wrapped package containing one cracker was .60 each. However the local Plaid Pantry (Convenient store, similar to a 7-11) had a coupon for .50 off each one. So I paid .10 for each cracker. I bought 8 boxes which retail would have cost $345.60. However with all the coupons I was able to pay only $57.60. So I saved almost 84%. If I would have purchased these at a store such as Safeway or Albertsons it would have cost me a lot more. I saved $288.00 on a total of 576 crackers. I can’t wait to donate these tomorrow, what an amazing deal!!!

Just to clarify, I didn’t clear the store’s shelves and I worked with the local store manager and she made sure it was okay with the district manager/corporate first, also these really all will be donated. I will not be keeping these.

Who knew that convenience stores had coupons? I guess I know another new place to find great deals. However I probably won’t buy in bulk like this again, even though this was rewarding, I just can’t afford it right now because I’m unemployed. Happy hunting! Just goes to show there’s great deals to be found anywhere, you just have to be willing to look!

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