Had an awesome shopping at CVS today. I purchase these products worth 162.70, paid 21.95 and received 35 EB. I used coupons from internet, sunday newspaper and I received 30% coupon 2 days before the weekly deals starts. It’s like I was paid 13.65 for this trip. Awesome!!


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3 thoughts on “Awesome deals at CVS”

Awesome job! My CVS was out of a few of the items and I blank minded on a couple of the coupons so paid $3 oop…I was still happy since initial cost was $91…still learning and always reassuring to see brags from more experienced couponers. Thanks for sharing. ..motivation 🙂


That is so cool…I’m gonna post my trip too!!!


That is awesome!! Can you do a quick breakdown of the coupons you used?