Target Transaction 1
Buy 5 Kellogg’s @ 2.50 each
get $5 gift card
Used 1 $1/2
And 1 $1/3
Also had a peely for $2 off of fruit
Apples on sale for .19 cents a pound!
Got 5 lbs for around $1
Bananas $1
So free for the fruit!
Total $10.50 and received $5 gift card

Target Transaction 2
Buy 3 Loreal @ 5.99 each
Get $5 gift card
Used 3 $2/1
Herabal Essence @ 2.99
Used 1 $2/1
Total around $13, used my $5 gift card from previous purchase and paid $8. And also received $5 gift card back!

Dollar General Transaction
Tide Pods on sale for $3.95
Used digital coupon for $2 off
Gain Flings on sale for $3.95
Used digital coupon for $2 off
Truvia on sale for $2
Used $1.50/1
And .50 digital coupon
Dial soap on sale for $1
Bought 2 and used $1/2 coupon
Purell on sale for $2.50
Used $1 off coupon
Dog Food .75
Was able to use $2/12 from 1/10
Dish soaps were $1 each and I had a .30 coupon for each
Toothpaste $1
Used .50 digital coupon
Total at DG was around $9

Submitted checkout51 rebate for Truvia for $1
Submitted mobisave rebate for apples .30, bananas .30, and any hand soap for .50!

Spent around $20 OOP after gift cards and rebates! 🙂 Not too shabby!


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5 thoughts on “Awesome Finds At Target And Dollar General!”

I found some of those $2 off peelies too, they’re awesome I’ve gotten free milk from cvs with those! I also bought fruit from target.


Great job, just a reminder, don’t forget to upload your receipt to Kellogg’s Family Rewards… you can get some great coupons from them based on your rewards with them. They’ve now extended it to 30 (?) days for you to upload from time of purchase. I got a slew of $1 off each coupons for any Kellogg’s cereal (limit 4 per transaction).


no digital is also mfg


Can you use mfg. Coupon with digital at DG?


Yes, you can if the digital coupon has the dollar general logo on it. Within the app you have to filter your search for “dollar general coupons” those coupons listed under DG coupons can be used with manufactured coupons, otherwise you can’t use the other digital Qs with manufactured Qs.