With every two bags of Mars candy until October 24th which if you are near a menards and a target they will ad match and give $2 off with these two coupons that are on there bags of candy which makes it $.98 for every bag of Mars candy!!!!


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Wow, another Menards FAN, I didn’t know they existed!!! Did you know that Menards will accept Store Coupons (let alone Manuf Coupons, even with another store name on it), but Store coupons (not catalinas, however…. Walmart accepts Catalina’s from other stores as long as it’s a Manuf Coupon… says so on their coupon policy). And Menards will price match Store Ads…. and then they have the 11% off rebate on all purchase every other month it seems. Check out their coupon policy…. the newspaper coupons go through no problem…. constant deals on Fisher Nuts, Malt O’Meal cereals, larger sizes than grocery store sales, for 99 cents there, and sometimes “GREAT” clearance items along with coupons. Let alone their rib deals. Oh, Oh,… motor oil for $1.99… (sometimes cheaper), and you know you’re doing the oil change on your car correctly. But the “printable” coupons, they will accept, but it beeps or something and a manager has to come over to input them manually. And then they have the P&G deals just for them every few months, it seems. KCL really needs to educate us on the “Sale Cycles” of stores…. I see a pattern, but have never sat down to figure it out. Wow, again, another Menards FAN. …. but yes, sneak, I do price match Menards at Walmart, when there is a great Ibotta deal offered at Walmart.