The kitty litter came from Drug Mart (local Ohio store) 5(1 not pictured, my Mom stole it before it’s photo op) 14lb Clump and seal priced at B1g1 at $8.99 with 1/2.00 and 1/1.49 off manufacturer coupon from and 5/3.00 off that were on each of the Clump and Seal. 2 (1 not pictured, Mom again) Arm and Hammer 20lb ultra last kitty litter priced at B1g1 at $8.99 with a 1/1.49 manufacturer coupon at Making it a grand total of 110lbs of kitty litter for $11.48 before taxes!!!!!!!!

Everything else came from Target. All $4.99- 1/1.00, Listerine $4.26 after 5% off cartwheel then 1/1.00 mfr from RP, Listerine $5.69 after 5% cartwheel then 1/1.00 cartwheel and it had a coupon for free dental floss on it, 2 Floss 2.65 after 5% cartwheel 2/1.00 cartwheel and 1/2.99 from the Listerine, Sheba $.63 each after 10% cartwheel and I had a buy5/get5free from RB, Purina one was $11.99 but buy 2 get a $5 GC and I had a 2/5.00 from RB. Grand total of $34.58 before taxes out of pocket and I got a $5 GC so it was really $29.58!!! Which makes the total for the day $41.06 before taxes!!!! This was my first time couponing and I’m just so happy that I saved all of this money!