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Baker’s(Kroger) Great Deals!


Running to the store to get a deal on Milk turned up a few more good deals tonight!
1/2 gallon milk was on sale 10/$10 which if you figure thats $2 for a gallon, we go through alot of milk so eventhough I had no coupons for Bakers store brand milk it was a good price!
4- 2% 1/2 gallons normal price $2.05 on sale $1 each
2- 1% 1/2 gallons normal price $1.95 on sale $1 each
1 gallon organic milk normal price $6.29(marked down to $1.99!! I thought the original price was CRAZY…normally wouldnt have bought organic milk, but it was marked down to a great price!)
3 Frozen Stouffers Family Size Meals normal price 7.77 each on sale for 5.00 each using 2.00 off coupons for each=$3.00 each
4 Bags of cheetos normal price 2.99 on sale 2/$4 using 1.00 off 2 coupons= $1.50 each
Similac Concentrated formula normal price 7.52 clearanced to 3.79 using 1.00 off coupon=$2.79
2 Gerber Good Start formula normal price 15.26 clearanced to 7.59 using 2 check coupons from company(3.50 and 3.65)=$4.09 and $3.94
Smuckers Blueberry Preserve normal price 2.79 clearanced to 1.19 using .75 off coupon=.44
2 Ortega Hard Taco shell boxes on sale 1.49 using peelie from box 1.50 off 2 coupon=.74 each
Total before store card and items being clearanced= $95.52
Total after coupons/sales and clearances=$35.73
Saving $59.79!!!

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