I had my cake and ate it too with this unbelievable deal. The Sonicare DiamondClean Black edition (Model HX9352/04) retails at Bed Bath & Beyond for $219.99. This item currently retails at most other stores for about $189.99.

I was able to go into Bed Bath & Beyond and get a price-match with Kohl’s which is selling this item for $189.99 ($30 savings). I also had a 20% off a single item In-Store Savings Certificate for which BB&B is famous. Under normal circumstances, BB&B Price Match policy states that you can either choose a Price Match or use an In-Store Savings Certificate, whichever gives you the lowest price, but you can’t have both. However, there is a clause in this policy which states, “… unless the competitor would also accept the coupon at the price being matched.”

Since I was asking BB&B to match the price at Kohl’s, Kohl’s currently has a 20% off offer using any tender type, and since Kohl’s would deduct the 20% from their price of $189.99, then BB&B honored the price match and the 20% off In-Store Savings Certificate ($38.00 savings).

Then, to add more spice to this recipe, there is a manufacturer’s coupon for $15 off this product and BB&B takes manufacturer’s coupons even when price-matching ($15 savings)!

Then the icing on my cake, which is the reason I chose BB&B to purchase the item, is they are also offering a $30 mail-in rebate in the form of a Visa Prepaid Card.

Counting the price-match, savings certificate, manufacturer’s coupon, and mail-in rebate, but excluding sales tax, I will have purchased this $219.99 electric toothbrush for $106.99, a 51% savings!


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Nice! Thanks for the details!