Krogers is having a mega sale buy five save $5 unlimited amount of buy 5 save $5. I didn’t have any coupons for the ham, bread, or milk. Ekridge sausage buy one get one free price 3.29 without 5 for 5$ 2.29 with buy one get one free coupon!!! Kraft cheese 2.98 without 1.98 with .75 cent of coupon. Two coupons of buy one get one free on lady speed stick on sale 1.19 making my for only worth about 60 cents a piece. Maxi pads 1$ off coupon on sale can’t remember the price but .49 cents. Sauve body wash .39 with a .50 off coupon. Kraft bbq sauce .49 and use a 55 cent off coupon making them FREE. I only had one at the time I plan to get more!


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One thought on “Beginner To Medium Couponer at Kroger”

I am a beginner to medium couponer also. I just went grocery shopping and I paid 88.16 for all of my items at Wal-Mart. I will admit that I am not as good as some but I am very proud of my savings. Here is a list of the items I purchased.
Cottonelle Bath Tissue-12 large rolls 3.99ea (bought 2 and used 2 .50 off mqs)
Oil of Olay Face cleaner- 4.67 (used 1.00 off mq)
lady speed stick deodorant- 1.98 (used b1g1 free mq)
speed stick gear deodorant- 3.88 (used b1g1 free mq)
biore charcoal face cleaner- 5.47 (used 2.00 off mq)
clearasil 12 hr facewash- 4.97 (used 2.00 off mq) submitted for 5.99 rebate.
Clearasil facewash- 5.96 ( used 2.00 off mq) submitted for 5.99 rebate
Oscar Mayer cotto salami- 2.00 (priced matched b1g1 free)
Oscar Mayer smoked what turkey- 2.00 (priced matched b1g1free)
18 boxes of hamburger helper- 1.47 each (price matched b1g1free) (used 4 coupon .75/3)
8 boxes betty crocker potatoes- 2.25 (priced matched b1g1free) no coupons
6 eckrick sausage- 2.50 (pm b1g1free) used 1.00 off coupon
ball park beef franks- 3.96 (pm b1g1free) no coupons
7 10 lb bags of leg quarters- 7.40 each (pm to 2.98 ea
18 volt cordless drill- 18.73 (sorry no coupon. Just needed it very badly for a remodel project I want to tackle.