Best couponing yet. Both on sale 2 for $6 used a $4 mc., had to do separate transactions on each one but it was worth it because they each gave me $2 extra bucks so I paid $0.36 for 2 bottles. And the cashier was amazing she did not give me any problems and said that was awesome great job.


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3 thoughts on “Best ever. 20 bottles Shampoo and conditioner. 2 for $6.00 with the $4.00 mc with $2.00 extra bucks . Had to do all separate transactions. But the cashier was amazing.”

Was it Walgreens or CVS? You said Walgreens, but also said extra bucks. To the person who didn’t get the RR did you roll your RR? If you use an RR from the first transaction on the same product and the RR is not rolling then it will not print again for you!


It didnt give me the rr for every 2…they said I had to use different walgreens cards in order to get the rr every transaction


Did you get a RR for every two ???