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Big Hall



Chinet on sail for 2 for 5= had 2 dallor off coupons and a target coupon 1 off of 2 = 1 Each for= 2 Dallor Total

Coment 1.99= Had 2 dollor off coupons= 1 manufacturer coupon= 1 Target coupon= FREE!

Rite Aid

Snack well’s cookies had a 1 Coupon on any one on sale for 79 cents=21 cent money maker

Fustion on sale for 9.99 get a 4.00 up reward back had a 3.00 off coupon total after=1.99

Orbel tooth brush on sale for 2.99 and get a 2.00 up reward back and had a 50 cent off coupon total after = 50 cents

Orbel toth brush on sale for 4.99 and get 3.00 up rewards back and had a 75 cent off coupon =25 cents


Advil used 8 advil coupon got to by them in twos got a total of 16 and had a 3.00 off coupon came out being only 34 cents a peace

Nivea body was had a 2.00 coupon got out paying 99 cents each

Ivory soap FREE! Had a 1.00 coupon off

Best Foods on sale 2.98 had a 1.00 off coupon= 1.98

Hefty on sale for 2 for 3 had two .55 cent off coupons got out pay for each one 95 cents each

Downy on sale for 2 for 5 had two 1.00 off coupon =1.50 each

Butter on sale for 1.76 had a 1.00 coupon off =76 cents

Price off the hall before coupons 93 Dallors got it down to

31.48 :)

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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