Bought a Glade Twin Candle Pack for $4.88 and had a 2.00 off coupon then submitted it to Checkout 51 making this twin pack $0.88 cents!!

I was so excited they had Gerber Graduate sippy cups on sale for a $1.00. I had a dollar off any Gerber product and a 1.00 rebate on Ibotta making this a moneymaker!! I’m planning on getting more!!

Gerber Learner Spoons on sale for $2.98 I was going to use the coupon from above for this product but Wal-Mart took it off the sippy cup but I still got a dollar back from Ibotta.

Bought a Valley Fresh can for $1.48, used a 1 dollar off coupon and submitted it to Checkout 51.

Bought 2 Dole cans for $0.86 each, used a $0.75 cents off coupon, also submitting it to Checkout 51

Bought a Freez Pak, used a 25 cents off coupon, submitted it to Ibotta.

Hawaiian Tropical Sunscreen was on clearance for 4 dollars. Used a dollar off coupon and then submitted it to Ibotta for 2 dollars back making this a dollar!!!
Great savings trip!!