Used 4 cards to do the below transactions :
8 Colgate 3.39 each, used $2 off coupon
Pay 11.12, received 20 ECB
8 crest 3 each, used $1 off coupon
Pay 16, received 16 ECB
1 irish spring body wash 3.99
1 irish spring bar soap 3.99
Use $1.5 off $4 any soap
Use 1 off irish spring body wash
Pay 5.48, received 4
3 Sally Hanson 9.99
Use $3 off $15 beauty
Used $3 off each printed coupon
Pay 17.97, received 15 ECB
Total after coupon 50.57, paid with 37 ECB.
Total OOP 13.57, received 55 ECB!!!

Rite Aid
4 Pert Plus shampoo 3.99, used $2 printed coupons
Pay 7.96
4 Infusium 3.99, used $4 printed coupon.
Pay 0
Total OOP 7.96.

So overall the entire trip cost $3.53 & tax!!


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4 thoughts on “Big Sunday haul at Rite Aid and CVS for newbie”

It’s actually illegal to have more than one cvs rewards card per household. I’ve personally heard from employees about customers getting banned from the store for using multiple cards and you could also face a large fine. So since you’re new to couponing and most likely have no idea that what you’d be doing is wrong, I wanted to let you know.


Great job. I am looking to start couponing soon. Great detail


When you say, “used four cards” do you mean 4 rewards cards? Also, if that is so, do you do all your transactions one after the other? Or do you leave the store and come back for another transaction? Tia sorry new to this but very excited to learn!!


Yes, I used 4 different CVS rewards cards so I get the ECB rewards on each, for example, the toothpaste deals have limit of 2 per card. You can do separate transactions at one trip, but as courteous to other shoppers, I let others go first if there is a long line.