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Biggest Rite Aid haul ever (for me)


Picked up a couple of things on Sunday morning (Oh man my heart was racing) I did 6 separate transactions to minimize my oop expense and I would have gotten more except for the fact that some items were out of stock and my Schick $10 +up did not print limiting me to spend what i had in my pocket.
12- 2 liter Pepsi next .99 used .55 cpn
2- 1lb Wonderful pistachios 4.99 used $1/1cpn
4 Extra gum used $1.00/2 cpn
2 – 4 ct Schick hydro 5 refill cartridge 8.63 used 2-$4/1cpn & 2-$4/1 in ad cpn
1 Schick hydro 5 razor9.99 used $4/1cpn & $4/1 in ad cpn
4 Pantene shampoo/conditioners 2/$7used 2-B1G1Fcpn, 1-$3/2 cpn Also used $1 pantene aqualights QR cpn
3- One touch meters 9.99 used 3-$10/1 cpn
2- 4 ct Softsoap bath bars 2.99used 2-.75/1 cpn
4-18ct Sucrets cough drops Raincheck 2/$2 used 4- $1/1 cpn
2 Visine 4.39 used 2-$2/1 cpn & 2-$1/1 vvc
3 Raisin bran cereal 2.00 used 3-.70/1 cpn
2- 32ct bonus pack Zantac used 2- $5/1cpn
3 good n’ natural bars 1.19used 3- Free cpns
1-18ct Always Radiant Tampons 3.99 used $2/1 cpn Also used $1 pantene aqualights QR cpn
2 skittles theater packs 1.00 used .50/1vvc
Received 2-$2+up pantene, 2-$1+up wonderful pistachio, 2-$2 +up wonderful pistachio,1-$2+up Always radiant, 2-$3+up Visine,1-$1+up skittle, 2-$1+up Extra gum,2-$2+up Zantac,1-$2+up Kellogg’s
rolled my+ups Spent:$21.14 OOP including Tax and I have 2-$2+up &1-$10+up(will be mailed to me) remaining w/o sale prices,coupons and +ups it would have cost me $230.14+Tax I will go back for more things later on this week when they restock and hopefully they will have the rest of the items on my list by then, and no I’m not going to drink all the sodas by myself lol I do love Pepsi though I’m sharing them with my mom and stocking up for my nieces birthday party in November Thanks KCL for helping me through all the hard times we’ve had this year and showing me how to overcome it all

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