All items were red tag clearance on the shelf.

4 Aussie = $1.50 ea. – Used: 2 $3/2 Q’s

2 Garnier = $2.50 ea. – Used: 2 $2/1 Q’s

1 Loreal = $3 – Used: 1 $2/1 Q

1 Got 2B = $3 – Used: 1 $2/1 + SavingStar rebate of $2/1

OOP was $3 but with the app rebate ended up totaling $1 for all 8 products! I’m new to this so to randomly find this deal was pretty exciting.


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3 thoughts on “Can we say $1! Woohoo!–Walmart”

Not quite sure what Q’s mean (is it suppose to be short for coupon)?


Yes, sorry for the confusion. Lol, I normally post in a Facebook group, first post here actually and that’s the abbreviation we use. Oopsy!


And if you stick around long enough, you’ll also run across MQ=Manufacturer’s Coupon and SQ=Store Coupon. The language of savings! Gotta love it!