I realize this is regional as not everyone has this store, but if you live near a Price Chopper check this out!

If you have kids, here’s a great deal on fruit snacks!

This week Price Chopper has Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (8oz, 10 pouches in a box) 10 for $10. Bring the ad to Walmart and price match it, where you can find boxes of the same fruit snacks but with a coupon that saves $1 on two boxes. Limit of four coupons per transaction. The fruit snacks end up costing just 50 cents per box!

Here is the deal I got, in multiple transactions…

Buy 24 boxes of fruit snacks, total is $48.
Price match to Price Choppers price of 10 for $10, total is $24 for 24 boxes.
Use 12 coupons found on the boxes, $1 off 2 boxes.
Grand total was $12 for 24 boxes of fruit snacks.
That’s 50 cents a box, or 5 cents for each pouch of snacks!!!