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Checking Out IGA!

Happy Couponer

Sorry I don’t have a picture, I already put everything away.

They opened an IGA near me recently and my aunt has been raving about them, so I decided to go check it out tonight. It’s pretty awesome! I was needing to stock up on some meat and they have fantastic prices on meat! I got 5 lbs of ground beef, 3 huge ribeye steaks and a 4 lb roast for less than $24! (I know this seems like a lot of red meat, but it will last us a very, very long time). I also found a deal on Kraft block cheese, at most stores I find them for around $3.59 – $3.99, they had them for $2.19 with a $1/1 peelie!! $1.19 for a block of cheese is a pretty great deal for me, so I got two. :-) The whole deal with the store is they price everything at what it costs them to get the product from vendor to store, then they add 10% at checkout to cover their overhead. I was a little unsure about how this would work out for me in the end, but I think I got some great deals! It was a last minute trip, we just happened to be out that way, so I didn’t have my binder with me, but I saw some great deals that I could match up so I will definitely be returning. Also, I was expecting more of an Aldi type store, lots of boxes and random brands, but this is exactly like any other grocery store. Great selection, beautiful brightly lit isles and fully stocked shelves.

Does anyone have any tricks or tips for IGA? Any info would be greatly appreciated! I think this could turn into a great store for deal hunting! :-)


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