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Purchase 4-8oz cream cheese block not sure of regular price, sale price 2.99, on clearance for .99 each paid $4 received $3 Catalina Saved $7.96 Bought 4 more used $3 Catalina and $1.20 cash received a $3 Catalina Saved $11.96.
Purchase 5 Kraft 16 cheese slices Regular price $4.39 on sale with in ad coupon for $1.99 = $9.95 paid with $3 Catalina from last transaction and $7.55 cash Received Catalina for $4.00. Saved $15.00
Went to another Albertsons purchased 5 more Kraft 16 cheese slices $9.95 used $4 Catalina and $5.95 cash and got another $4 Catalina. Saved $16.00
Then I purchased 5 Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese regular price $4.59 Sale price $2.99 Each one had a $2.00 off pea-lie so I got them for .99c each paid with my $4.00 Catalina and $1.25 cash that’s .25c each and got another $4. Catalina saved $22.00
This should hold us over till the next cheese sale, I am hoping before the Catalina stops I will find a clearance on the Kraft block cheese.
Total paid $19.95
Saved a total of $72.92

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