Rite aid-
(3) 2.00/1 Tide detergent
(1) 5.00/3 Pantene shampoo/conditioner
(1) .35/1 Kleenex
Came to 22 something…
Got it all FREE with plenti points I accumulated last month.

(3) 3.00/2 Purex
(2) 1.00/2 ziplock containers
15.00 off 50 promotion
2 5.00 gift cards back per 2 Purex
5.00 saving star rebate for Purex

Used 2 5.00 gift cards for cat litter I needed and the rash prevention spray (3.00 Boudreauxs coupon) 1.50 Boudreauxs rebate

Ended up paying 17.39 for all.


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4 thoughts on “Clean Clothes Anyone?”



Did they give you the 5 giftcard for the Purex? It doesn’t says at target app!!!


Did you do the Target deal in store or online? Because in the weekly ad, the Purex isn’t included in the $15/$50 promotion but online it is…

ALSO, don’t forget to submit to Savingstar for the Purex!


Disregard the last statement lol 🙂 I was so excited by your deal that I missed the part where you already submitted.