My WalGreen’s had so much clearance items!!!!
Mickey Mouse paddleball $0.30 cents
Popcorn $0.49 cents
25 pencils priced at $0.20 cents each!!! For all 5 bucks
2 lip gloss $0.50 cents each
Body Lotion bought 2 for $0.50 cents each
Coca-Cola cup $0.74 cents!!! I paid 2 bucks for this on Hollar
Clapper $0.99
Dawn was on sale for $0.59 cents used a $0.25 cent off coupon
Palmolive 0.99!used a $0.25 cent off coupon and submitted it to Mobisave
Irish Spring used a dollar off coupon and received a 1 dollar RR and submitted it to Checkout51
Before coupons total was 15 dollars used a 10 dollar RE from last week paid $3.34!!! Saved 87%!!