My Wal-Green’s trip was a HUGE success!!!
Found a first years pacifier for $0.49 cents!!
Got an Orajel Toothpaste for $1.99 and used a 1 dollar of MFR coupon

The Boudreaux Rash Preventer Spray was on sale for $4.49 and I used a 3 dollars off coupon AND I checked with Ibotta and it was approved for a dollar back rebate making this $0.49 cents!!!

Got 2 puffs tissue for $0.99 cents each and then used 2 $0.50 cents off coupons

Got a trial size of CeraVe. They were on clearance shelf for $0.49 cents
Got 7 Glowstick Headbands for $0.79 cents each.

Paid $10.51 and saved $17.80 with a 64% savings value!!


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2 thoughts on “Clearance GOLD at Walgreens!!”

Where did you get the $3 off Boudreaux coupon??


I got some on the save in store coupon site. There is a another website you can get those from too,but I don’t remember


That’s where I got my coupons from also. I’m waiting for a good sake to dump them . I’ll check Walgreens to see if they are having the same sale