At my Walgreens they had a fantastic clearance on Glade and Airwick products. Glade scented oil twin pack refills were on sale for .70, Airwick scented oil twin packs were also .70 and glade large jar candles were .80. I bought 5 glade twin packs, 1 Airwick twin pack and 1 large candle (I would have bought more if they had more!). My total before coupons was $5. I used a $2/3 glade coupon, a $1/2 glade coupon and a $.55/1 glade coupon. Making my final total $1.45 for all 7 products which retail at $49. All the coupons I used were a clip to card option on my Walgreens app. If there would have been a second air wick refill I could have used my $1/2 coupon and saved even more!


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One thought on “Clearance haul $1.45 for all at Walgreens!”

I think i know where I am going tomorrow after work.