Before Sunday if you get the new Rite Aid weekly circular in the mail you can use an in add coupon that works to save 2$ on the Colgate optic that is on sale for 3.50$ and give 300 Plenti points.
Must hurry to get it and the coupon works even though it’s meant for different size Colgate. Limit 2
One Colgate makes 1.50$ money maker. If you can find two coupons from two of next week’s Rite Aid weekly flyers you make 3.00$ and get 2 free Colgate optic. Make sure you get the ones on sale for 3.50 and give 300 Plenti points.


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3 thoughts on “Colgate toothpaste money maker got better at Rite Aid”

Could I get some coupons. This is my first try.


That’s not right or honest using a coupon even though it may work if it’s not meant for that size, brand etc…


I agree. Eventually they will stop giving store coupons if people do this. Not cool. At one of my local Rite Aids there is a sign to ask the cashier for a store Ad. Maybe is for this same reason.