I bought a Glade warmer: $9.93, twin candle pack, on sale : $4.88, and Glade carpet and room refresher: $1.94. Total: $16.75 (without tax). I used print out coupon for $2 off warmer, $3 off ibotta. Makes $4.93…Used printout coupon for $2 off candle pack, $2 off checkout 51, plus $.25 for Walmart purchse. Makes $.63. Used $1 off checkout 51 for Carpet room refresher, makes $.94. Total actually spent: $6.50 saved $10.25! Still trying to figure out how to coupons, but feel like I’m starting in the right direction!!


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Excellent job! I feel like rebate apps are making getting excited about couponing so much easier. I’ve only been couponing for about a year, so I’m still super new but definitely have found that the biggest savings always happen when there’s a rebate offer in addition to coupons.