I’m new at couponing and I find KCL very very helpful. This maybe very small compared to the others but this is my first moneymaker. I love Starbucks ice coffee ($1.98) so I printed out a $1 off coupon and submitted it to Ibotta for a $1 rebate so I ended up having 2 cents! Plus I saw a coupon for $3 off any 2 st.ives product, i bought two face scrub ($1.97 each) plus I submitted $1.25 rebate from checkout 21 that’s a 31 cents moneymaker! Thanks KCL and awesome app, lovin’ it!


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3 thoughts on “Coupon Novice Moneymaker at Walmart!”

How can you use St. Ives’ coupons for Equate products?


You can’t. They aren’t the same company in the least. This is wrong on several levels including the checkout 51.


Looking at this picture, these are not St.Ives products, but Equate.