So…I just got $84.71 worth of Covergirl cosmetics for $25.17 at

Walgreen’s is running a promotion of 5,000 points for each $20 spent on select Covergirl products. I found that at the prices are much better than in-store AND they are currently B1G1 50% off. On top of that there is a 20% promo code for beauty purchases online. Finally, P&G is offering a $15 mail-in rebate for $50 spent on Covergirl products (the $50 must be met AFTER coupons and promos). Info here –

I got 4 foundation compacts, 4 lip gloss balms and 1 pressed powder. The foundation is $13.79 in store but only $9.49 online. The gloss is $9.49 and the pressed powder is $8.79. For all 9 items plus taxes, I paid $25.17. ($55.17 MINUS $15 mail-in rebate MINUS $15 in Balance Rewards points). That’s the price of one compact and one lip gloss in store!!!!!!!!!