2 malt o meal bagged cerals 5.56-1.00 cpn
4 chef boyardee 4.16-1.04 (1 free)-.75 cpn
Taco shells .95-.75 cpn
Enchalada sauce .95 -.30 cpn
Refried beans 1.74-1.00cpn
Candy 1.00-.30cpn
-.58 red card discount
Total out of pocket 10.08

Rite Aid
Kotex 3.74 clearance -1.00cpn
Raisins x2 clearance .64 (total)
Centrum Vitamints 6.99-4.00cpn
Hair Dye clearance 1.69
Centrum Gummies 6.99-4.00cpn
Raisins x3 clearance .96 (total)
130 ct Centrum Vitamins 6.99-4.00cpn
Kidcents donation 1.56
Total out of pocket 15.56

6 boxes kleenex 6.00-.75cpn-.75cpn-.50cpn
2 Palmolive 1.98-1.00cpn-.25cpn
Scott Toilet Paper 6.99-.65cpn-1.00cpn
Scott paper towels 5.49-.65cpn-1.00cpn
Coco Puffs x3 5.97-2.25cpn-1.00cpn
Suave x2 6.00-3.00cpn
Pact cranberry x2 3.00
Cinnamon Toast Crunch x2 3.98-1.00cpn
Colgate toothbrush multipack 4.19-2.00cpn
Scope x2 10.56-4.00cpn
Used 28.00 in Extrabucks
Total out of pocket 9.08

Earned 19.00 in Extrabucks to use at Cvs
Submitted 13.25 in rebates

Paid out of pocket total 34.72
Between Extrabucks and rebates 32.25

Soo all said in done I really only paid 2.47