I bought 3 crest complete toothpastes $3.99 each

used CVS 25% off
used one coupon $3/3 from P&G
OOP $6.60 (includes tax)
Got $5 extra buck

$1.60 for 3 toothpaste (53cents each)

*not everyone get CVS 25% off (not at the same time anyway) but make sure you check your email Coz I learnt from KCL about this 25% off and I kept checking my email and 2 weeks later I got mine too!

** this CVS 25% off is ONE TIME USE ONLY!!!! I had to learn this a hard way Coz I did 2 separate transactions I wanted to use extra buck from a previous purchase and 25% off and it did not work!


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How to get 25% discount?