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Crest Whitestrips Super Savings @ Kroger/Ralphs!


Browsing the clearance carts and found this box of Crest 3D White strips for $29.49. Found a coupon for $7 (got a booklet from a promotional box of crest toothpaste) so here is the breakdown.

Price: $29.49
Coupon: $7.00
Subtotal: $22.49
Tax: $2.29
TOTAL: $24.78

Rebate: $15.00
Catalina: $10.00
(I didn’t know about this and i was actually satisfied with paying $7 oop. When i saw the catalina thought i got $1.00 back until i looked at it again and had an extra 0! ;)

FINAL TOTAL: $0.22 MM! 20 pouches (top & bottom = 40 strips)! Yay pearly whites! Thanks P&G!

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