I bought 10 huggies wipes for only $8.60!! Which makes each pack $0.86 cents!!
I used the following coupons
• (10) $0.50 cents off coupon off of coupons.com

• $5/25 coupon for baby wipes or diapers any brand that I got last week

• I used a $10 extracarebucks I had from last week

Which brought the total to $10.60 and I received $12 extracarebucks


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5 thoughts on “Cvs 🙌”

Not really but its a little nerve wracking when they have a hard time scanning them and making sure each one shows up on the screen. But once they go thru and my total goes down im like oh yeah????????????????lol and for diapers I have gotten great deals I have bought pampers from $2.00 to max &4.00 each pack jumbo packs I have 2 months in a half worth diapers for under $30 ????


The $2 ECB was probably your quarterly 2% earned from your spending. But yes, read your Qs, they clearly state no more than 4 identical Qs in same transaction. Using them otherwise is fraudulent and illegal.


They have never told me anything bout using multiple coupons and bout the ECB they gave me a $10 then a $2 why idk but i took it lol


Great job I’m getting kind of enough diapers . probably need to move on to wipes and other items too.
Since I’ve only been couponing for a short time do you ever feel strange about handing them 10 of the same coupons.


I thought the Huggies wipes coupons had a maximum of four per transaction? Plus you only get $10 ECB when you spend $30, how’d you get $12?