I bought two razors at $8.99 each get back $6. I got $3 off MQ from coupons.com, and $4 off $10 shaving stuff from cvs, and 30% off shave stuff. Included 2 small cans of shaving cream for $1.49ea get $2 back when you buy 2. So, $ 20.96-6.29-3.-3.-4.= $4.67. Bought 6 Nabisco snacks buy one get one free at $2.37 ea. I had two MQ from from Smart Source.com that was buy 2 get one free. So I only had to pay $2.37 for all 6 snack boxes. Bought cough syrup on clearance for 2.94 and the there was a $3 coupon peelie on the box. So, it was free. I bought some boogie wipes to soak up the overage at $0.65. I bought all this in one transaction and I had a $6 off $30 purchase. My total before tax was just $0.90


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2 thoughts on “CVS $0.90 OOP $6 MM”



That’s awesome ! I had a great shopping day today also. It feels so rewarding when these days happen and we walk away with so much free stuff