Square card reader 9.99 – 9.99 extra bucks = free but use rebate on box with account set up for $10 credited to bank account! So it is a $10 money maker

I rolled the extrabucks and got everything else for free with coupons too and then received 75 cent extra bucks for getting candy and 2.00 extra buck for toothpaste

So…this was a $12.75 money maker!!!


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3 thoughts on “Cvs $12.75 money maker!!!”

How long after you sign up do you get the $10. I signed up already and have not received anything.


You have to fill in your banking account information. I got my $10 rebate in about two business days. Good luck.


Thank you. I emailed them and they said they credited to my bank account it should appear in a few days. Do you know if I buy a few and then create accounts with diff. Emails but same bank account will they give me the $10 ?