After adding 2.50 to my total because less extra bucks printed than I used and subtracting rebates my grand total is 2.60 for everything. That’s .87 a pampers and everything else free!! After Mfq and a bunch of CVS coupons including the 30% off. Seriously guys I love CVS.


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3 thoughts on “Cvs for 2.60. 0.87 pampers”

I wonder if that’s area/store specific. They came off my receipt and it even says so on it. 🙁 the four things it came off were the 2 razors, puffs, and physicians formula.


My CVS store said that any percentages off no longer apply to full price items that are tied to promotions with extra bucks. So the 30% didn’t apply to my shavers, pop corn, physician makeup. They said it was a new policy. Such a bummer.


The 30% off coupon worked for me with promotional full price items. Sometimes they don’t always understand their own coupon policies. You should always take a copy of coupon policies with you when couponing just in case. Having one with me has saved me many times! 🙂