CVS 7/17-7/23

Transaction #1
1 Arizona Fruit Punch $.67
2 Ocean Spray Pact 2/$2.50
1 Duo Fusion 20 Ct $8.99
2 Schick ST3 $5.99*2=$11.98
2 Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.99*2=$5.98
1 CVS Pore Cleansing Cloth Clearance $1.44
1 Skintimate Shave Gel $3.29
1 Gillette Shave Gel $3.49
1 Gillette Venus Shave Gel $3.69
Total Before Coupons $42.03

Coupons Used
$10/$40 Email Coupon
$6/1 Duo Fusion Coupon
$5/1 CVS Duo Fusion Coupon
2 $3/1 Schick Disposable Razor Coupon
$1/1 Skintimate Shave Gel Coupon
2 $2/1 Gillette Shave Gel Coupons
$2/1 CVS Venus Shave Item Coupon
$2/2 Colgate Toothpaste
2 $.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste Coupons
$3 ecb from previous week

OOP $2.84 and get back
$4 EB for Colgate max toothpaste
$2 EB Zantac Duo Fusion
$5 EB Schick Shave Gel * included in the buy 1 get $5 web Schick women’s razor or refill
$1 EB for Ocean Spray Pact
$5 EB for Schick Razors
$2 EB for gillette shave gel
+$4 SS for Duo Fusion

Transaction #2
1 Duo Fusion $8.99
1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish $9.99
Total Before Coupons $18.98

Coupons Used
$6/1 Duo Fusion Coupon
$5/1 CVS Duo Fusion Coupon
$3/1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coupon
$5 EB from previous week

OOP $.22 (tax) and get back
$2 EB for Duo Fusion
$5 EB for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
$5 BB

$61.01 worth of products for $3.06 OOP + $28 MM + $4 SS for Zantac Duo


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7 thoughts on “CVS $3.06 OOP + $32 MoneyMaker”



where did you find the $6/1 duo fusion coupon ? so far I found was $3.00 cvs duo fusion & $5 duo fusion coupons……. I don’t know exactly know how to extreme coupon nor know which stores will accept what is called double coupon……. what exactly is double couponing????? but with the 20 count duo fusion can I just buy 1 duo fusion and use 1 cvs coupon plus the manufacture coupon….. or with it being 2 coupons do I have to purchase 2 duo fusions???? I confused gal. thanks


Sorry for the super late response. I don’t get notifications of comments on this website. The $6/1 duo fusion coupon was a printable coupon but is no longer available. I don’t know exactly what double couponing is. I know with cvs you can use as many coupons that you want in a transaction such as 30% off email coupons, red machine coupons, manufacturer coupons, and $$/$$ coupons(my cvs allows this if each threshold is met example $10/$40 purchase & $2/$8 deodorant my total would have to equal $48 to use both coupons). At Walgreens you can only use one coupon per item and the number of coupons can’t exceed the amount of items you have. I don’t really shop there so I can’t really tell you too much about their policy. With the 20 ct duo fusion you can use the cvs coupon plus the manufacturer coupon. If your cvs is cool like mines then you will have $2 overage to use on the rest of your transaction plus you’ll get back the $2 eb making it a $4 mm. I hope this helps a little! 🙂


They let you use a Gillette coupon for Schick??


No. I used the gillette coupons for the gillette and gillette venus shave gels.


ohhhh ok. duh…forgot that you’d Bought those in the same transaction lol…