Can’t remember the order of the transaction. I went to CVS almost everyday this week. I had $10 ECB from the previous week. Not pictured: 18ct plastic eggs, hershey bar and two bags of popcorn. OOP was 10.92 including taxes. The plastic eggs were 2.99! It was Easter my daughters deserved it lol. Still have $14ECB. The suave body wash was from a raincheck from last week. I went to target looking for the seasame street products to get the $5 gift card but they don’t “carry them”? I eill have to go to Super Target to see if they have them. While I was there I found some leggings/pants for girls for $1 each! They retail for more than $9.00 got 3 the only ones that will fit my daughter lol. Also got a dress *not picture, daughter put it on as soon as we got home* for $3! OOP=6+tax.