1 st card 1st transaction: 5 Kellogg cereals 1.99 each. 3/5MQ 1/2CVS Q 1/3CVSQ 4 gatorades $5. 3 Kit kats 10.7oz $1 each. 2 Snickers crispier 10.6 $1 each. Paid 15.35 got back 2. 2nd transaction 3 Xtra detergent 2off cvsQ uses 2EB paid .67. Got back 1.25 I believe from C51 for the Snickers. 2nd card 1st transaction. 4 gatorades 2 cereal paid 6.98 got back 2. 2nd transaction 3 huggies used 3 2.50mq 5/25cvsq 17EB paid 1.67 got back 10. 3rd transaction 2 Nivea body wash 2 CVS diapers 1/1 cvs CVS diapers one did not go thru :/ 3off Nivea 2/6body wash cvs Q 3/2MQnivea used 10eb paid 6.74 got back 6eb.

Spend a little over my couponing budget but got everything I was going to buy at the grocery store. Should be getting a good EB at the end of the quarter lol.