Two transactions. 18 items. OOP $18.47.

Trans 1

2 Gatorade
2 Speed Stick (B1G1 Mq)
3 Dawn
1 Schick 4ct Disposable ($3/1 Mq *I meant to clip two coupons and when I got to the store I only had one so I substituted 1 Schick for 3 Dawn)
1 Colgate MW ($2/1 Mq + $2/1 CVSq = FREE)
*I did not have the $.25/1 Dawn and my store was out of the other Gear Deodorant.
Used $6ECB
Total = $8.88 and got back $5ECB (Had they had the other Gear I would have gotten $6ECB back)

Trans 2

2 Scope (2 $.50/1 Mq * my store was out of the 500mL)
6 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
1 Jergins Wet Skin ($2/1 Mq)
Used 25%JFY and $18ECB
Total = $9.59 and got back $26ECB.

Could have been a little lower OOP but I’m happy.