1 L'oreal Shampoo and 1 L'oreal conditioner travel size @$1.49 (Not pictured, went on different day)
Total before coupon $2.98
Used 2 $1 L'oreal product IPQ
Paid $.98 get $4 ECB
$3.02 MM

2 Biore charcoal cleanser travel size @2/$4 (Not pictured, went on different day)
Paid $4 get $5 ECB
$1 MM

2 Dove body wash @$8.49
4 Dove men bodywash @$6.29
Bogo 50% sale price $31.61
Used $6 off $18 Dove email CVS Q, $1.50 off $11 CVS Q, 2 BOGO Dove MQ and 2 $2 Dove men MQ
Paid $9.11 get $10 ECB
$.89 MM

3 Kitkat chocolate @$3
2 Twix chocolate @$3
Total before coupon $15
Used $3/3 Kitkat CVS Q, $1 Mars CVS Q, $1.50/3 Hershey's MQ and $1/2 Mars IPQ
Paid $8.50 get $5 ECB

6 Maybelline mascara @$5.99
Total before coupon $35.94
Used 25% off CVS Q and 6 $3 off Maybelline mascara MQ
Paid $8.96 get $15 ECB
$6.04 MM

1 Schick Extreme 3 disposable razor @$8.99
Used 25% CVS Q and 1 $4 Schick MQ
Paid $2.74 get $4 ECB
$1.26 MM

2 Clairol root touch-up @$7.99
Total before coupon @15.98
Used 25% CVS Q, $2 off $9 hair color CVS Q and 2 $3 Clairol MQ
Paid $4.49 get $5 ECB
$.51 MM

2 Chex mix @2/$3
Used $.50 off 2 chex mix
Paid $2.50 get back $.50 savingstar

3 Crest complete @$3.49
Total before coupon $10.47
Coupon used 25% oral care CVS Q, 25% CVS Q, 3 $.50 Crest IPQ
Paid $4.39 get back $5 ECB
$.61 MM

1 L'oreal superstar mascara @$10.99
1 L'oreal single eyeshadow @$4.99
1 L'oreal quad eyeshadow @$7.99
Total before coupon $23.97
Coupon used 25% CVS Q, $3 off l'oreal CVS Q, 3 $2 L'oreal tear pad MQ
Paid $9.73 get back $8 ECB

I made $6.10 at CVS…. And I will get $5 Beauty ECB in a couple of days….. So it’s a $11.10 MM at CVS…

For the L’Oreal and Biore I went on Sunday at 7 am when CVS just open because I know it will be gone if I wait until today to buy them, and I’m so glad I did because I read that they don’t produce ECB anymore….

4 Colgate Daily Repair toothpaste @$3
Total before coupon $12
Used 4 $2 Colgate IPQ
Paid $4 get $10 RR
$6 MM

4 Proganix Shampoo @$4.99
4 Proganix Conditioner @$4.99
BOGO sale total $19.96
Used 4 $ Proganix IPQ
Paid $3.96

2 Crest sensi-stop @$3.49
Total before coupon $6.98
Coupon used 2 $3 Crest sensi-stop MQ
Paid $.98
(Did not clear shelf at Wags, went to 4 different Wags)

I made $1.06 at Wags… Not bad for a first trip to wags in a long time….
All in all I made $12.16 for buying stuff that I will use and for stocking stuffer…. YAY COUPON….. Still blows my mind that I actually get paid to bring all this goodies home…..


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0 thoughts on “CVS and Wags Haul… $11 MONEYMAKER……”

How do you get 25%


where did you get the loreal coupon?


Is the proganix in the gold tube also on clearance at $4.99? I heard it was only the blue.


Where can I get the proganix coupon? I took that quiz a dozen times and no coupon


Maybe they don’t have it anymore…. I printed mine last week so it possible that they ran out of coupon….


I am having a hard time finding the coupons. I have been to several sites and checked manufatcurers sites as well….help please??


I printed the coupon a while back…. Hot coupons usually only last for a short time…. I printed those coupon and wait until I saw a good deal so most of the printable coupons are not available anymore…. Sorry….


Do you do each purchase separately and then use the ecb from the first one on the next and so on…???


No, I do everything, except for the L’Oreal travel shampoo and biore, in 1 transaction because you can only use the 25% CVS Q 1 time…..