Clairol Root Touch Up 2/$12
MC $3.00 off 1

Zyrtec ($18.99)
MC buy Zyrtec ($18.99) get Rhinocort free ($18.99) coupon took off $25.99 not sure why.
MC $6.00 off Zyrtec
MC $4.00 Rhinocort

Colgate 2 in 1 bought 1 @ $3.00
CVS coupon $2.00
CVS app coupon $2.00

CVS coupon just for you $6.00 off $30.00

Paid 98 cents for 5 items


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5 thoughts on “CVS Big Savings!”

Yeah I’m confused too. I thought the buy one get one free coupon for the hair dye was buy one nice and easy and get the root touch up free. The $3 coupon was for the nice and easy or natural instinct. (There were two different ones). Don’t know how you got two root touch ups with it. Also don’t get how you used all the coupons on the drugs section either. If you already had one for the buy one get one free don’t know how you used the other two either. I would be careful next time.


Your total should’ve been $13 more than what you paid since you doubled and tripled up on coupon for single items.


You’re using way too many coupons. When you have a buy one get one free coupon that coupons counts towards both items and doesn’t mean you get to use another coupon towards the 2nd item. I wouldn’t keep doing it cause it’s actually called stealing.


Thanks for the information. I asked the manager at the store first before making the purchase because I was not sure if you could combine BOGO with other coupons and he said yes they allow. Better thing to have done was read their store policy on coupons.


That was smart to ask ahead of time! If he said yes than that is awesome! I did the same thing at target with the Zyrtec and rhino and all coups were accepted but I’m getting some semi-judgy comments on my brag. You did good by asking!