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CVS diaper clearance!


Scored 256 diapers for $11.76! That’s just 4.6 cents per diaper!

how I did it:
4 packs of huggies
Clearance price: $3.24 ea (12.96 total)
Used 2-$2 off overnights coupons and 2-$1.50 off coupons ($7 total off) taking the huggies total to $5.96!

CVS 72 CT $4.24
CVS 36 CT $4.44
CVS 40 CT $3.12
(total $11.80)
Used red machine coupon for $3 off a $10 CVS brand purchase making the CVS diapers $8.80.

So, $5.96 for the huggies plus $8.80 for the CVS diapers, made my subtotal $14.76,
then I had $3 EB, taking the final total down to $11.76!
And when I left, there were still tons of diapers left on the shelf for the next couponer!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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