First time using % off coupons.
6 transactions.

1. One garnier fructies cond. 4.49 and one garnier hairspray 4.69
Two oral B indicator toothbrush 2 ct each 9.98
Used MFR (2) 2/1garnier i just noticed one didn’t go thru :/
And used 1.50/2 oral B. And 30% off personal care. It did not apply to the garnier even thought it was regular price. Paid 3.96 got $14 back

2.colgate toothpaste 3.99 ine colgate mouthwash 3.49 used two MFR coupons (2) 1/1 and 5 XCB from beauty paid .68 got 4 back

3. 2 palmolive.99 each one mobile credit card reader 9.99 used two MFR coupon .25/1 and 10XCB paid 2.43 got back 9.99

4. 4 tresemme 2/8 used two MFR 3/2 and 9.99XCB paid 1.29 got 5 back

5. Bought 1 conair 3-in-1 styling 27.49 used 30% just for you coupon. And 16 XCB paid 5 got $10 back

It was my first time using % off coupons really confusing because some of the XCB reduced the percent off plus cashier didn’t know what she was doing and refused to use the % coupons first then the rest.

OOP was 13.36 and still have 14XCB should received the 5 beauty xcb too. Was a little dissapointed :/

Does anybody know if the garnier counts as personal care items (transaction 1)


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2 thoughts on “Cvs first time using % off coupons”

Garnier hairspray falls under beauty


Thank you. I was a little confused. I will be going back to tell them and see what they can do about it. Since my coupon did not go thru and it didn’t take the 30% off.