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cvs gift card deal


At CVS today, I wanted to get the gift card deal…i really needed to get some Toilet paper and dish washing detergent so I was really happy with this purchase.

3-Cottenelle 4pack TP @2.99 each – .50 off 2 Q= $8.50 OOP

2-Quantum Finish @ 2.99 each – 2, $1 off Q=$4 oop

2-Finish Powerballs @ 2.99 each – 2, 0.75 off Q = $4.50 OOP

2-Finish Rinse aid @ 2.99 each -2, 0.75 off Q = $4.50 OOP

2-Luden’s Sore throught drops @ 1.19 each -$1 off 2 Q= 2.40 OOP

Paid 23.90 OOP and I got a $10 AmEx Gift card!!!

4 thoughts on “cvs gift card deal”

  1. Anonymous

    opps…made one mistake. the cough drops were also b1g1 half off…so, i guess they were 1.19+0.60=1.79 -$1 Q=.79 for 2 bags

  2. Anonymous

    Just to let you know on your cottonelle toilet paper, it’s always $5.00 at walgreens if you have one in your area.

  3. Anonymous

    Where did you get the cottonelle .50 q?

    1. Anonymous

      it was 0.50 off 2, 4 packs or 1, 12 pack. I think their were some in this weeks paper. I also had some in my binder from at least 2 weeks ago, maybe more. Sorry I couldn’t have been more specific about the date.

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