4 packs of huggies ($8.99 ea.) Spend $30 get $10 ecbs. I bought 4 packs and used 4 $2 off printables. Total after coupons: $27.96 minus the $10 in ecbs earned, making it $17.96 for 4 packs, making it $4.49 a pack. I bought 4 nivea BOGO and I used a rain check, limit of 1, get $5 ecb when you buy 2 nivea. Nivea BOGO (reg. price $5.49 ea) and I used 2 printable $3 off of 2, making it $5 for 4 bottles and I got $5 ecbs making them free! Toothpastes should’ve been free but half my coupons didn’t work so I paid 2/$4 :'( Pepsi 1.25 liters were 2/$2, and I had a mobile coupon for $2 off of 2 making them freebies! Optifree solution was $9.49 ea and when you buy 2, get back $5 ecbs. I used 2 $4 off printables, and I had one $3 off contact solution mobile coupon, my total on solution was $19, then it took off $11 in coupons, making it $8 for both, then I got back the $5 in ecbs making them only $3 for both. ($1.50 each!!!) Gillette razor was $8.99 and I had a $5 off mobile coupon, and a $2 off 1 ct from inserts, making the razor only $1.99!!!!!! I had a $10 off of $40 coupon also. Total after all coupons: About $44, I used $24 ecbs, paid $20 oop with my debit card, and got back $20 in ecbs for next weeks couponing!!!! 😀


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2 thoughts on “Cvs haul:$107 worth before cvs card and coupons!!!!”

Is there no limit on niva?


Nivea is just a bogo sale, I’m not sure if there’s a limit on the item? There was a limit of 1 $5 on my rain check for when I buy 2, so I bought 2 more nivea just bc it was a sweet deal combined with the bogo sale